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Track By Track In Bev's Own Words (Part 1)

Track By Track In Bev's Own Words (Part 1)

Beverley's 7th Studio album, Soul UK will be out on July 4th.  'Soul UK' is a very special album of tracks celebrating the home grown artists and soulful tracks that have inspired her.  The artists/songs featured on this album have in various ways contributed to Beverley's own career in music, and with this album she hopes to shine a light on UK Soul and homegrown talent that very often does not get the attention it deserves. Her tracklist choices and interpretations are ones very personal to Bev as she was growing up  and on her journey to becoming the artist she is today.

Over the next three weeks Beverley will explain why she chose to record each of the tracks and what it is about the track/artist that inspires her.


Originally released by Soul II Soul 1988 - UK #63 from album 'Club Classics Vol One' - UK #1 / US #14

This was absolutely rinsed in all the clubs and on pirate radio.  This track made me wish I looked old enough to sneak past the doormen! I didn't want to touch Soul II Soul's biggest hits as they are sacred in my mind, but this was just as brilliant and deserved to be as well known.

Southern Freeez

Originally released by Freeez 1982 - UK #8 from album 'Southern Freeez' - UK #17

I have loved this since hearing it as a child. I always thought it sounded so sophisticated, with its uplifting chords. It's a summer drive with the top down, fabulous song.

Mama Used To Say 

Originally released by Junior 1982 - UK #7 / US #30 / US R&B #2 from album 'Ji' - UK #28

I think this was everyone's favourite track at the time and is still played on every "club classics" radio show in the country. It's still so fresh and just brings a smile whenever I sing it.  It was an obvious choice for the album and a no-brainer for the choice of first single.

Say I'm Your Number One

Originally released by Princess 1985 - UK #7 from album 'Princess' - UK #15

So few people would make the connection from the men behind Jason, Kylie and Rick Astley, to this seriously soulful song! I saw Princess on Top of the Pops doing this, and loved it straight away. I had no idea it was British, or written/produced by Pete Waterman and crew until later. 

The album is available to order via itunes, Amazon, Play and HMV.  Order your copy now!



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